Dr. Enoch Choi ~ Physician at SCVMC, Facility Medical Director DTN&EVC Urgent Care, VHHP, Disaster Relief

“Randy Roberson has been an invaluable team member of our first medical disaster relief trips to Haiti and Japan after their earthquakes. His training and resources give him the important ability to be self-sufficient off the grid, while providing connections back to civilization for important communications via satellite phone and data (internet). His training in solar power and water purification have been essential, keeping us juiced on the field, and providing locals with ongoing resources for pure water in the face of Cholera and other infectious disease (in Haiti). I’d welcome him in the future to our first trips to new disasters, as he is an important person that provides essential resources.

Carla Stone – World Trade Center Delaware

Randy clearly is dedicated to improving disaster relief and emergency preparedness. He developed telemedicine tools for Romania that will empower doctors and nurses to bring the highest quality medical care to their patients in remote locations. Randy shows great integrity by advancing solutions that are vendor neutral, designed to meet the needs of the user.

Deirdre Hahn ~ Educational Psychologist and Licensed Counselor

Working with Randy Roberson was an impressive experience. I found him to be a visionary in the very difficult arena of disaster preparedness and relief. My most significant experience with Randy was in 2007 during our six-month preparation work for the Golden Phoenix program at Arizona State University. Golden Phoenix was the simulation of a Southwest region natural disaster and the detailed execution of a comprehensive disaster response exercise. With limited resources and a small team of enthusiastic students, staff, and citizen volunteers, Randy was able to coordinate one of the most exciting and limit pushing experiments at the visualization laboratory called the ASU Decision Theater. Randy expertly coordinated members of federal, state, and local governments to receive critical disaster response information. He organized multiple regional data sources through a visually stunning array of live video streams, mapping, real-time transportation data, news media feeds, and telemedicine experts. Feedback about the exercise was outstanding, with particular enthusiasm for the potential of Randy’s telemedicine containers. Throughout the entire project Randy exhibited leadership through his professionalism, patience, and expert knowledge. His deep passion for innovations in telemedicine and critical disaster response are clear, and anyone that works with him in this capacity will know that immediately. I would readily work with Randy Roberson again and I give him my highest recommendation as a collaborator, innovator and humanitarian.

Kevin Baugh – President & CEO at Knowledge Bridge International Inc.

I have known Randy for many years — a true humanitarian who puts his heart, mind, body, and spirit into everything he does. I deeply enjoy his company, his wisdom and his ability to tell a good story (smiles). An experienced telemedical practitioner, visionary, and gentleman of the first order. I have deeply enjoyed working with him in the past — and I would go out of my way to work with him in the future.